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#SummifyTip: Adjust the Frequency, Timing and Number of Stories for Your Summaries

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard just how much content is being shared and consumed out there. So here’s the big question: why are you consuming all this media and content, you must have a reason, right? Clearly define what you want to achieve out of reading the news. Have a goal. Limiting yourself to what’s important at the moment is key. It’s easy to get caught up reading stacks of information that you won’t immediately use, with your knowledge of it disappearing in a tenth the time it took to consume it – not so productive.

Once you know what you want to read, make a habit of constraining means. It’s easy to go bananas, reading everything you can get your hands on and more. Make sure you’re not being wasteful of your two biggest resources: time and mental sanity. Set constraints to minimize waste and focus your energy on reading what really matters.

Adjust the frequency, timing and number of stories for your summaries

Most people could afford to read less when it comes to their news and that’s why we’ve purposely set a minimalist delivery schedule: 1 summary a day with your top 5 stories. If you find that this lean reading list doesn’t quite suit you, you can tweak the following settings:


Create it at…

Set a base-time that you’re summaries will be generated at each day – we suggest first thing in the morning. If you choose to receive more than one summary per day, this base time is the jumping off point for your delivery schedule.


Want more? Increase story quantity or summary frequency

The default is to receive one summary a day with 5 stories. We recommend starting here and then experimenting if you want more, first by increasing the number of stories in each summary, between 5-15, and then increasing the frequency of your summaries, 1-4 per day. Sometimes summaries will be great and at times they could be better. An alternative to a fixed increase in your summary frequency is to click the on-demand “Get A New Summary” button at the bottom of your email summary whenever you feel like reading more – careful, it’s a slippery slope!


Finding the right combination

Depending on your news reading habits and needs, certain delivery combos might work better for personal vs. work use, however we always recommend starting with less and going from there. Do you have a combo that works especially well for you? Share it below.


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