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#Summify Growing in Europe and A Canadian Visa Push – News Roundup


Top-10 European Countries ranked by web traffic on Summify
(percentages represent each country’s portion of the top-10 traffic)


European Traffic Highlights – July to September, 2011

It’s been an expansive three months for Summify traffic over in Europe and we’ve been noticing un poco más de español in our HootSuite search streams. In just three months, the Spaniards have risen up from sixth place to third in Summify’s European Top-10 Traffic List and we have sneaking suspicion that it could be a love affair with our new like button.

Not ready to fall back, France and the UK continue to dominate Summify’s European traffic, holding the first and second spots respectively. Although not displayed above, France’s absolute traffic doubled from August to September – a little je ne sais quoi?

Last, but certainly not least, Russia nudges Switzerland aside and breaks through into the 10th spot on our European traffic list, thanks to our comrades @ru_lh (

Take a look at what the Europeans are saying, as happy Summifyers continue spreading the word about Summify across the continent: – 32 billion daily publications in 30 months on Facebook?

Roughly translated from French

A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg was asked, about a new Moore’s Law: every year, Facebook users share twice as much as the previous year (“Every year, we are sharing Twice the Amount That we shared a year Before”).

The 2010 data indicated that the current 2 billion daily publications could double in 2011. This gives it a staggering 32 billion items published in Facebook every day in 2014 …

Is this possible or are we being played to be afraid? Considering that Africa and Asia are potential markets … What is certain is that by 2014 there will be at least this amount of daily publications all over the Net. Without a doubt.

Social Sharing and the Impending Sharepocalypse [INFOGRAPHIC] – Summify: read only the most interesting

Roughly translated from Russian

“Immediately after your registration, Summify takes about 2 hours to generate your first summary. During this time, Summify examines content sources and builds links between them. According to my observations the first summary is not the best or relevant. But each time the service starts to amaze me more and more. Even when generating a summary 4 times/day, summify miraculously picked up the posts and tweets that I would not have found myself in a heap of rubbish, and that definitely interested me.

Ironically, it turned out that the service works fine with Russian articles, tweets, and in general with any Russian-language content.” – Create summaries of social networking feeds with Summify

Translated from Spanish

Fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader, you can easily publish the news you’ve found that is most interesting to you. In addition to these options for sharing, Summify’s iPhone app offers you the possibility to send the link by email or save it to Instapaper for later reading .

Finally, another interesting feature of Summify is its ability to track the reactions people have had to the content that is included in your summary of the press. With this quick and intuitive orderly feature you will know how many people have RT’d an article, how many people have clicked “Like” on Facebook and you can read the comments people made when they shared the article on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks to all these features I think Summify will be a program that I’m going to use often because of the orderly way it tracks all the social network feeds without having to check the individual applications or websites, thus saving time.

K-tuin – Summify for iPhone, a summary of the news 2.0

Translated from Spanish

Thanks to the Summify iPhone application I will find a summary of the news shared on Twitter, Facebook or Google Reader from the last few hours. You can set how often you want the application to compile the news shared on your social networks. It is very easy to not spend too much time looking for the most commented on stuff in the 2.0 world, as you can see the reactions from your contacts and friends right on the news story.


Pushing For A Canadian Startup Visa

The Globe and Mail – Immigrant tech stars face hurdles in quest to start business in Canada

“[Canada] will not remain a global superpower if we continue to close our doors to people who want to come here to work hard, start businesses and pursue the American dream,” Mr. Bloomberg said in June. “Today, we may have turned away the next Albert Einstein or Sergey Brin.”


It’s a high-risk, high-reward path. For every Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, there are a few thousand unknown failures. Mr. Pasoi and Mr. Strat are being assisted by Vancouver’s Bootup Labs, which describes itself as a “startup accelerator.”

“We’ve tried explaining to Immigration that we’re not here to steal jobs. If we wanted, we could work for established companies. But our dream is to build a startup,” Mr. Pasoi said. “We’re trying to make a company and hire people in Canada but it’s difficult.”

Vancouver Sun – Tech sector calls for ‘startup visa’ program

A British Columbia-based advocacy group, which has backing from some prominent Vancouver tech investors, is urging the government to make it easier for immigrants with science and technology skills to move here and create new businesses.


They recommend that the rules be modified to require a prospective business operator to have $150,000 [from $300,000] in seed capital from qualified venture capitalists, and be actively managing the company. He or she must also create at least three local full-time equivalent jobs over two years.

The current Canadian rules aren’t keeping pace with the rapid emergence of start up companies internationally in the tech sector, nor the relative youth of those involved with them, nor the risk that such entrepreneurs are increasingly sought after around the world.

As the struggle for our founders’ visas continues, we’re going full steam ahead. Expect many more updates as Summify continues to fight content chaos and grow around the world – we’re not going anywhere, we’re going everywhere.

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