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The Dynamic of Influence: Social Analytics Arrive at #Summify

As your summary begins to make it into your daily reading routine, you’ve probably noticed that certain people in your network tend to contribute more to your summaries than others. Maybe it’s just a feeling, but it stirs up some interesting questions.

Who contributes to my summary the most? Who contributes to my contributors’ summaries the most? Wait a second, who do I influence? Slow down tiger. We’ve added in a dash of analytics to help you scratch that itch of curiosity. The beginning of social analytics is here and on your profile page you will now see an area we are calling “Influencers.”

The Influencers area is made up of two rows of images and some small numbers.

Influenced by, the top row, highlights the connections in your network which appear in your summary the most, and how many times each of them as appeared in your summary in the last 30 days.

Influencing, the second row, highlights the summaries which you’ve appeared in the most, and how many times you’ve appeared in them in the last 30 days.

Hover your mouse on a profile picture for an explanation of influence or click on any profile picture to view that user’s summary. If you’re browsing from within your own profile and click the picture of a user who is not yet on Summify, a “thanks” message will appear.

That’s not all. The Influencers section isn’t only found on your profile, it’s viewable on any public Summify profile, allowing you to explore and quantify the dynamic of influence between other users.


Influence is here to be explored. From the Explore area of your web summary you can now browse two new categories: users you are “Influenced by,” and users you are “Influencing.” Keep in mind that only those who are using Summify will be visible in the Explore area.

It’s a whole new world of social influence now and everyone is finding their own way to navigate it. Whether you’re a master of content sharing who holds great influence or a newbie wondering what you can do to increase your influence, we want to hear from you! Leave your ideas, tips and questions as a comment or email them to and we’ll be sure to share them with the Summify community.


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