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New Features: Filters, Dislike, Love Button

The Summify algorithms rely heavily on implicit signals to summarize the most important news for you: which friends shared which stories, how important are they to you, what do you like clicking on, and a dozen more factors.

Most of the time that’s more than enough, but sometimes people tell us that they’d like to explicitly tell us which stories aren’t good for them.  We know what you mean – when you only want to read 5 stories, you want all of them to be great! Today, we’re pleased to introduce 2 new features to help with that: Filters and Dislike. Here’s how they work:

Domain Filters

Domain filters allow you to hide certain domains (e.g. from appearing in your summary. Just click the “View this in your browser” button in your email and hover over the domain and you’ll see a small X button:

Source Filters

Sometimes you might not want to hide a domain, but hide a specific person. Previously you had to unfollow/unfriend them, but now you can just hide them by hovering over their avatar and clicking the X button:

Please note that this only affects Summify and it doesn’t actually un-follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Reader.

Finally, you can remove and manage your existing filters at


Hiding a story or a person is a really strong negative signal, but sometimes you don’t want to be so decisive. For those times, we created a nice Dislike button that appears near the title of the story:

You might be asking, why a dislike button and not a like one? Well, you already tell us that you like a story when you click on it and you spend time reading it, but it’s surprisingly hard for us to figure when you don’t like a story… maybe you’ve already seen it, maybe it’s not interesting, who knows?

Love Button

A lot of people have told us they love Summify, so we’ve added a button that makes it really easy for you to spread the word. Just click these nice big shiny buttons in your emails or on the web:

That’s it for today, expect some more exciting news in the near future!


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