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Weekly Top Stories Nov 4 – 10

1. 650,000 Americans Joined Credit Unions Last Month — More Than In All Of 2010 Combined

One of the tactics the 99 Percenters are using to take back the country from the 1 percent is to move their money from big banks to credit unions, community banks, and other smaller financial unions that aren’t gambling with our nation’s future.

After a tweet by @ChrislHayes, Host of Up on MSNBC, that was RT’d over 100+ times, it’s no surprise that this Occupy story hit the top of our weekly chart.


2. Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about

So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.


3. A Brief Rant On The Future Of Interaction Design

As it happens, designing Future Interfaces For The Future used to be my line of work. I had the opportunity to design with real working prototypes, not green screens and After Effects, so there certainly are some interactions in the video which I’m a little skeptical of, given that I’ve actually tried them and the animators presumably haven’t. But that’s not my problem with the video… read more


4. Murmuration [Video]


5. Google+ Launches Branded Pages


6. Andy Rooney dead at 92

(CBS News) Andy Rooney, the “60 Minutes” commentator known to generations for his wry, humorous and contentious television essays – a unique genre he is credited with inventing – died Friday night in a hospital in New York City of complications following minor surgery. He was 92, and had homes in New York City, Rensselaerville, N.Y. and Rowayton, Conn.


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