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#Summify Changes Dislike Button To Like Button and Moves Blog Feed

Like Button

The Summify thumbs-down “Dislike” button has now changed to a thumbs-up “Like” button. The original addition of the Dislike button made perfect sense from an engineering point of view. Our thinking was that the dislikes would be a nice complement to the positive signals sent to us every time you clicked a story, and together we would use these signals to improve your recommendations. In practice however, the dislike button has not proved popular, and so we have decided to swap it for a new thumbs up Like button; a turn that frown upside down kind of thing.

The new Like button is a strong positive signal for your Summary’s recipe and has another direct benefit to you: when you click it, you “Like” the link on Facebook as well. Give it a try; you can find the Like button on your web summary and the share bar:

Web Summary – hover your mouse on the headline for it to appear

Share Bar – at the top of your screen, beside the share button when you view a story

Our Blog Feed Has Moved

Don’t forget to keep in touch. Our new feed has moved to feed:// We do apologize for the switch. It was unavoidable during our migration to WordPress and we hope you can take a moment to adjust it in your feed reader.

Summify Launches Redesign: Our New Look

The Summify pirate army has been hard at work pushing out updates, improvements and we recently passed the 2 Billion story mark!

2 Billion Stories

And there lies our insight. If we’re sleek and simple in how we deliver your news, isn’t it time that we start looking the part? Our makeup artists have cleared, the wood look is gone and the new Summify is here: simple, fresh and clean, with more pictures and Instapaper!

Email Summary

A simple flow with everything left-aligned: headline > contributors > excerpt.

Summify's New Email Summary

Web Summary

Summify's New Web Summary

Profile Picture – visitors can now see who is behind each Summary. The picture is pulled from your Twitter or Facebook account. Edit your picture in settings > Profile

About Me – give people a taste of who you are in a few more words than Twitter (200 character max). Found underneath your name. Edit your bio in settings > Profile.

Accounts – easily view a Summifyer’s social accounts. Found to the right of their bio. Manage your accounts in settings > accounts

More Summaries – under each profile picture, you will find buttons to previous and more recent summaries from that user.

Your News – headlines and excerpts now appear on top of each story’s image, contributors now appear on the right side of each story, filters have not changed, and share buttons are placed underneath each story, on the right side.

Social Bar

The Social Bar appears at the top of your screen when you view a story on the web. New additions to the bar include the “Summary” icon, which returns you to your Summary, as well as up and down arrows that will send you to your previous and next story, respectively.

One more thing…

The highly anticipated integration with Instapaper is fully functional. To read your stories later, click the Instapaper button: in your email Summary; in your web Summary, under each story; or inside the “Share” button, found on the Social Bar as you view a story.

So there you have it. Just like we recommend that most people take a shower in the morning, it was time for us to take our own advice, and clean up a little. We feel like we’re getting a bit closer to having the total package, but we want to know what you think.

Do we have the looks to back up our brains? Leave a comment and tell us what you think. What we really want to know is, will you go steady and stand by us?

Summify iPhone Update 1.1

We’d like to send out a big Thank You to all of you Summifyers and fans for spreading the word about the app, rating it, and sending your valuable feedback. One amazing Summifyer even created a Chrome Extension to support Instapaper, thanks @bdotdub! We’ve listened and pumped out some key improvements:

-Highly anticipated support for Instapaper (via the share screen)
-Bug fixes for iPod Touch and iPhone 3G users
-Easier access to featured accounts

We love to hear how your Summifying is going. Please continue rating the app and sharing your feedback with us: team(at)summify(dot)com.

Summify Gets RSS: The Only Feed You Will Ever Need

The RSS feed of your summary has arrived! It has been a popular request over the last few months, so let’s cut the chat and get straight to the goods.

The link to your RSS feed:

Simply replace “USERNAME” with the name you see in the address bar of your web summary:

How to find the RSS feed in your browser:
Firefox 3
Firefox 4+

So what should I do with my RSS feed? Share your news with friends and followers!

1) Anyone can add your Summary to their Google Reader or other RSS feed reader account using this format:

2) Display your Summary on your blog. Simply add the URL of your RSS feed into an RSS widget provided by your blogging platform.

Lastly, before sharing your Summary with the rest of the World, take a quick look at our latest filters that can help you eliminate unwanted stories:

Happy Summifying!

Summify Launches iPhone App

July 8, 2011

After receiving mountains of requests for a mobile app, we set off to discover the best way to make your social summaries mobile. Three months later, we have some exciting results to share with you. Summify for iPhone is here!

Our goal was to create an app that would deliver a beautiful user experience and make it easy to consume the five or ten stories that matter most. Most notable are the large images and standout headlines, designed to keep your focus on what’s important – the stories. You will also enjoy the intuitive navigation, automatic summary notifications, and the ability to manage settings right from your iPhone. The all-new, graphically rich redesign is just a sneak peak of what is yet to come.

Rating and Feedback

Now the rest is up to you! Try out the app and take a second to rate it if you like it!
Good ratings help get Summify in front of more people who might find it really useful. If you’re not quite satisfied with the app, we’re always here to listen. Consider yourself an extension of the team here at Summify. If you don’t speak up, everyone could be missing out on a great idea or improvement. Just drop us an email at
with your feedback – we love to hear it all!


News Summary (left), Reactions found under each individual story (right)

Individual Story (left), Share Screen (right)

Bye-bye Summify Web, hello Web Summary!

It’s all about the Summary!

Remeber those awesome email digests you’re getting? Well, we’re now calling that a Summary (Pretty clever, eh?) and we’re making it a core part of our product.
You might have noticed some of the recent improvements to the email:

  • We detect and extract images from stories for a more visual experience
  • We show you one of the comments from your friends (tip: hover on their faces to see each one)
  • You can now get your summary more often (twice or 3 times a day)

Social Bar

When reading a story it’s always useful to have context – as such, we’ve built the Summify Social Bar!
You can see it at the top of any story from Summify. It allows you to see which of your friends shared the story, what did they say about it, how many retweets and likes does the story have and you can also share directly from the bar. (tip: you can share to all networks at once if you’re logged in)

Web Summary

You’ve told us that getting a relevant summary in your inbox is great, but sometimes we want functionality that’s just not possible in an email.
As such, we’ve put the summary on the web and we’re going to use it a a building block for a whole new set of amazing features!
If you received an email summary in the last 16 hours, you probably have a web version as well and it should be available at

“Sunsetting” Summify Web

We’ve realised that a summary across every platform (email, web, mobile) is the best way to deliver relevant news without the feeling of being overwhelmed. (less is more)
As such, we’re sorry to announce that we’ll be shutting down the “realtime news reader” Summify Web.Effective March 25th 2011, the product will cease to operate. You don’t need to take any action and we apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you!

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for the next update from Summify!

Configure your Digest, Collapsed Stories and more

Based on user feedback, we found out that people love the email digests we send! So we decided to take this feature, make it even more awesome, and transform into a standalone product: Summify Digest. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at what’s new…

Configure your Digest

You can now configure your minimum and maximum number of stories in a digest, as well as the time at which it’s being sent. If you don’t like the default settings, go ahead and change them.

Collapsed Stories

We all love diversity, so it’s never fun when the stories in your digest are dominated by one source. Starting today, we collapse stories from the same domain and only show the most popular story from each one. Don’t worry, you can see still see the titles of the collapsed stories if you really like that domain.

70M+ Stories Served

Last time we “talked”, we told you that Summify has crawled, aggregated and processed over 25 million news stories from Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds! We’re pleased to announce that we’re now well over70 million stories and it’s growing strong!

One more thing…

We know that reading is an inherently mobile activity (read on the bus, while waiting at the doctor’s, etc.), so we’ve started working on Summify Mobile! It’s still in development, but you will soon be able to read your Top News on the go!
You can add your email address if you want to be the first to be notified when we launch!

Happy Holidays from Team Summify!


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