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Summify Spotlight – Erin Bazinet

Our Summify Spotlight series showcases how everyday people use Summify, sharing their productivity tips and favorite sources to help you get the most out of your summaries.

About Erin: Erin Bazinet is a recent graduate of Stonehill College. After graduation, she studied abroad in Europe, traveled across the United States and then fortuitously found her way to the world of recruitment. Erin recently moved to Boston, MA where I she now works as a candidate sourcer – the integral step of talent acquisition before recruitment – for a growing RPO company. Erin explores and hunts the web for resumes, profiles, or bios with the end goal of finding and delivering qualified candidates to the recruiters. In addition to sourcing, Erin is an avid soccer fan and is always looking for new places to travel.

At Giant's Causeway in Norther Ireland, where I studied abroad

As someone who peruses through endless articles and new stories each and every day, it’s certainly easy to get caught up in all of the clutter the open web has to offer us. After all of the searching and scavenging, I refine the information I would like to share with my network. This process varies from person to person, but the end result tends to be the same: everyone wants to communicate and celebrate those stories which interest them the most. And voilà! In comes Summify to help with this endeavor.

What problem does Summify solve for you?

My job as a sourcer requires that I spend large amounts of time online as I explore ways to keep up to date on industry trends, company news, and employment updates. In order to share this information with my network, I like to make sure that what I’m posting to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. will be of relevance and significance to those who will read it. Summify not only helps me keep right on top of all the important news and events in my world, it also helps me make this same pertinent information readily accessible to others who might greatly benefit from it as well. Summify makes it that much easier to communicate news and articles by now including a share feature that allows its users to post to their social networks. By being able to easily share these stories from one website, it saves me time to concentrate on other areas of my job, while continually building my network.

How are you using Summify as a tool?

I discovered Summify after I was mentioned on Twitter in another user’s daily summary. Lucky for me, my curiosity was piqued! After exploring the website and creating a summary of my own, I discovered how much of an asset this website could be for me. I tend to share my summaries with hashtags that highlight the main topics, which allows me to intrigue not only my followers, but those interested in those same subjects. I advocate this website to anyone who not only wants to save time with their daily information search, but to see what everyone else is talking about as well.

All in all, Summify has certainly become an integral part of my social media tool kit. I highly recommended this service to anyone who is looking for easy access to the stories that will be of interest and worth passing on to their whole network.
Some interesting follows I recommend:

@SourceCon: News, events, knowledge, research- all sourcing.
@SevenstepRPO: Take a gander at the recruitment company I work for.
@BostonTweet: Sharing all of those sweet spots Beantown has to offer.
@epltalk: I want my soccer news, and espn just doesn’t cut it.
@BrilliantTips: Tips and advice for all of those who need to travel.

Want to hear more? Check out Erin on twitter @erinbaz.

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame and probably as close as I’ll ever get to Matt Damon

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  1. Kelsey Barton #

    Great insight Erin! Thank you for sharing!

    November 2, 2011
  2. chy #

    Franklin And Marshall AJ?et Doreen?Hartman?se sont mariés en?Jewett City,?Connecticut.?Ils se sont déplacés?à Columbia?en 1950 et?étaient des membres actifs?de la communauté.?AJ?a enseigné l’histoire?à Hickman?High School,?puis développé?une entreprise de construction?/ développement.?AJ?a été propriétaire?/?courtier de?McRoberts et?Co., où?il a vendu résidentiel et?l’immobilier commercial.?Il s’est spécialisé dans?des propriétés h?telières

    April 27, 2012

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