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Summify Launches Redesign: Our New Look

The Summify pirate army has been hard at work pushing out updates, improvements and we recently passed the 2 Billion story mark!

2 Billion Stories

And there lies our insight. If we’re sleek and simple in how we deliver your news, isn’t it time that we start looking the part? Our makeup artists have cleared, the wood look is gone and the new Summify is here: simple, fresh and clean, with more pictures and Instapaper!

Email Summary

A simple flow with everything left-aligned: headline > contributors > excerpt.

Summify's New Email Summary

Web Summary

Summify's New Web Summary

Profile Picture – visitors can now see who is behind each Summary. The picture is pulled from your Twitter or Facebook account. Edit your picture in settings > Profile

About Me – give people a taste of who you are in a few more words than Twitter (200 character max). Found underneath your name. Edit your bio in settings > Profile.

Accounts – easily view a Summifyer’s social accounts. Found to the right of their bio. Manage your accounts in settings > accounts

More Summaries – under each profile picture, you will find buttons to previous and more recent summaries from that user.

Your News – headlines and excerpts now appear on top of each story’s image, contributors now appear on the right side of each story, filters have not changed, and share buttons are placed underneath each story, on the right side.

Social Bar

The Social Bar appears at the top of your screen when you view a story on the web. New additions to the bar include the “Summary” icon, which returns you to your Summary, as well as up and down arrows that will send you to your previous and next story, respectively.

One more thing…

The highly anticipated integration with Instapaper is fully functional. To read your stories later, click the Instapaper button: in your email Summary; in your web Summary, under each story; or inside the “Share” button, found on the Social Bar as you view a story.

So there you have it. Just like we recommend that most people take a shower in the morning, it was time for us to take our own advice, and clean up a little. We feel like we’re getting a bit closer to having the total package, but we want to know what you think.

Do we have the looks to back up our brains? Leave a comment and tell us what you think. What we really want to know is, will you go steady and stand by us?

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