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Team Summify Expands

For some of us, nothing beats the atmosphere of energy and learning offered by an early stage start-up. With the recent launch of the iPhone app and many more releases on the way, it’s an exciting time at Summify, so exciting that we almost forgot to introduce ourselves!

Although we’re from entirely different backgrounds, the common thread that brought us all together was the opportunity to join two uber cool founders at ground level as they build an internet company. There’s something about the unknown, the chance to make a difference, or is it just the free lunch? Either way, we’re amped to be a part of a team we believe in. Here we are: the new kids on the block.

Mark Chua – Software Engineer
Joining us back in April, Mark has a degree in Computer Science from SFU and China’s Zhejiang University. Outside of the office he enjoys origami and playing badminton. We had him at “free lunch.”

Nimalan Mahendran – Software Engineer
It was a natural celebration when Nimalan joined us on the 4 of July. We may not be Americans, but who doesn’t like fireworks? Previously, Nimalan worked at SAP and graduated from UBC with a MSc in Machine Learning, as well as a BMath in Computer Science from Waterloo. You may find him distance running in home-made sandals or planning a trip to Antarctica to visit penguins. We’ll remind him to take a plane.

Robin Campbell – Community Guy
In a room full of hackers, Robin is the odd guy out. Prior to joining the Summify family in June, Robin was building the Canadian breakdance community through, organizing international events and managing online content. Graduating with a BCom in Entrepreneurship, he plans to shake things up a little. Office bootcamps, West Coast adventures and salsa lessons are not out of the question. He recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his breakdance crew, Filthee Feet.

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