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Team Summify Expands

For some of us, nothing beats the atmosphere of energy and learning offered by an early stage start-up. With the recent launch of the iPhone app and many more releases on the way, it’s an exciting time at Summify, so exciting that we almost forgot to introduce ourselves!

Although we’re from entirely different backgrounds, the common thread that brought us all together was the opportunity to join two uber cool founders at ground level as they build an internet company. There’s something about the unknown, the chance to make a difference, or is it just the free lunch? Either way, we’re amped to be a part of a team we believe in. Here we are: the new kids on the block.

Mark Chua – Software Engineer
Joining us back in April, Mark has a degree in Computer Science from SFU and China’s Zhejiang University. Outside of the office he enjoys origami and playing badminton. We had him at “free lunch.”

Nimalan Mahendran – Software Engineer
It was a natural celebration when Nimalan joined us on the 4 of July. We may not be Americans, but who doesn’t like fireworks? Previously, Nimalan worked at SAP and graduated from UBC with a MSc in Machine Learning, as well as a BMath in Computer Science from Waterloo. You may find him distance running in home-made sandals or planning a trip to Antarctica to visit penguins. We’ll remind him to take a plane.

Robin Campbell – Community Guy
In a room full of hackers, Robin is the odd guy out. Prior to joining the Summify family in June, Robin was building the Canadian breakdance community through, organizing international events and managing online content. Graduating with a BCom in Entrepreneurship, he plans to shake things up a little. Office bootcamps, West Coast adventures and salsa lessons are not out of the question. He recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his breakdance crew, Filthee Feet.

Summify iPhone Update 1.1

We’d like to send out a big Thank You to all of you Summifyers and fans for spreading the word about the app, rating it, and sending your valuable feedback. One amazing Summifyer even created a Chrome Extension to support Instapaper, thanks @bdotdub! We’ve listened and pumped out some key improvements:

-Highly anticipated support for Instapaper (via the share screen)
-Bug fixes for iPod Touch and iPhone 3G users
-Easier access to featured accounts

We love to hear how your Summifying is going. Please continue rating the app and sharing your feedback with us: team(at)summify(dot)com.

Summify Gets RSS: The Only Feed You Will Ever Need

The RSS feed of your summary has arrived! It has been a popular request over the last few months, so let’s cut the chat and get straight to the goods.

The link to your RSS feed:

Simply replace “USERNAME” with the name you see in the address bar of your web summary:

How to find the RSS feed in your browser:
Firefox 3
Firefox 4+

So what should I do with my RSS feed? Share your news with friends and followers!

1) Anyone can add your Summary to their Google Reader or other RSS feed reader account using this format:

2) Display your Summary on your blog. Simply add the URL of your RSS feed into an RSS widget provided by your blogging platform.

Lastly, before sharing your Summary with the rest of the World, take a quick look at our latest filters that can help you eliminate unwanted stories:

Happy Summifying!

Summify Launches iPhone App

July 8, 2011

After receiving mountains of requests for a mobile app, we set off to discover the best way to make your social summaries mobile. Three months later, we have some exciting results to share with you. Summify for iPhone is here!

Our goal was to create an app that would deliver a beautiful user experience and make it easy to consume the five or ten stories that matter most. Most notable are the large images and standout headlines, designed to keep your focus on what’s important – the stories. You will also enjoy the intuitive navigation, automatic summary notifications, and the ability to manage settings right from your iPhone. The all-new, graphically rich redesign is just a sneak peak of what is yet to come.

Rating and Feedback

Now the rest is up to you! Try out the app and take a second to rate it if you like it!
Good ratings help get Summify in front of more people who might find it really useful. If you’re not quite satisfied with the app, we’re always here to listen. Consider yourself an extension of the team here at Summify. If you don’t speak up, everyone could be missing out on a great idea or improvement. Just drop us an email at
with your feedback – we love to hear it all!


News Summary (left), Reactions found under each individual story (right)

Individual Story (left), Share Screen (right)


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