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Introducing the new Summify!

Today we’re happy to announce the new Summify design! You should see significant changes to the user interface, beginning with a completely refreshed story navigation and a more visually pleasing woody style. :-) Here’s a screenshot:

Navigation between stories was one of the biggest problems we discovered in our private beta, so we made a substantial investment in fixing it with this new design.  As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this change, just login to check it out.

One more thing…

As we get ready for prime time, we wanted to share one interesting number with you: over the past 3 months, Summify has crawled, aggregated and processed over 25 million news stories from Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds!

We’re very grateful to all of our early adopters for helping us reach this milestone and we look forward to see this number grow at an accelerated pace!


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