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Web UI Designer Needed

Part-time / Freelancers / Limited Hires welcome

Here at Summify we love great design and we understand it’s essential for the success of a web app. We’re looking for a talented UI designer that can create beautiful and enjoyable user interfaces!

About You

  • You can design and implement beautiful, simple and enjoyable interfaces. (Here’s a few apps we really like: tumblr, Reeder App, Quora, MobileMe)
  • You can come up with ingenious UI solutions, and create wireframes. (Napkins are OK!)
  • You have a solid understanding of current rich Internet application and web technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • You can make stuff fade, slide, morph and squish.
  • You enjoy working with bleeding edge technology in a lean startup environment. (With cold beer.)


You’ll be in charge with defining the user experience at Summify.

About Us

We’re an early stage startup based in Vancouver, BC, backed by Bootup Labs and W Media Ventures. We’re team of two hacker entrepreneurs from Romania, passionate about online software and Internet startups. We’ve interned at Google and Microsoft and we’ve kicked ass in programming contests like IOI and TopCoder. We turned down some cozy job offers and moved half-way across the world for an incredible opportunity.

We’re building a next generation news-reader that has a unique approach to solving information overload. Summify ranks and curates all the news that’s coming to you via Twitter and Google Reader feeds using data and signals it gathers from your social network. The important stuff bubbles up at the top, so you can read it first.

Curation and personalization are the cornerstones of a new age of web applications. Just recently Gmail launched the Priority Inbox, Facebook is pushing for instant personalization. More than ever, people are getting overwhelmed by information. This is an incredible opportunity and we’re excited to take part in it.

How’s it going to work?

We want a world-class designer, so we’re flexible with how we’re going to work together. We’re OK with part-time, limited time, or project based. Nevertheless we do require that you come by our nice office at least a few hours a week. (163 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC)

What next?

Send us an email (, or ping us on twitter. Make sure to include a link to your awesome portfolio.

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