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Summify Spotlight – Jessica Newell

Our Summify Spotlight series showcases how everyday people use Summify, sharing their productivity tips and favorite sources to help you get the most out of your summaries.

About Jessica: Jessica Newell is founder of J Newell Media, an online media goods company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs in the creative industries develop their web presence and maintain nurturing social media relations. With an extensive background in the dance industry, on the job experience in business administration and a firm grasp on understanding the design world, Jessica has cultivated a unique perspective on what success in online business entails. Now its time for her to share it with the world.

Enter Jessica

Summify has become one of my best sources of connecting with followers on Twitter. I first started using it to keep track of the latest tweeted stories each morning as my day got rolling. This was a tremendous benefit to me as a Twitter newbie because it helped me save hours of searching through all of those tweets for posts that were read worthy.

My primary goals for connecting via social media are to stay on the cutting edge of all that’s going on and build a strong network of professional relationships and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well Summify supports both of these. Beyond spotlighting the latest content from my networks, I’ve found Summify’s notification feature to be a nifty little service that sends you a Direct Message straight to Twitter every time your summary is ready. This may be one of my favorite features. Who doesn’t love a way to keep your email inbox clean while getting all of the info you rely on? (plus it gives me a reason to check a DM inbox that’s filled with mostly spammy requests.)

BUT, by far the number 1 reason why I love Summify – and this was a real surprise to me – it helps me reconnect with my followers!

I set up the auto-tweet messages and while I haven’t customized my own message yet, I’m already seeing results from Summify’s random selection of sharing messages. Since it tweets my daily Summify, including a few Twitter handles of those included, it gives exposure to my contributors, sharing them with my fans, and helps me connect with them.

From the day I started using this feature I’ve had people reply to me thanking me for including them in those tweets. And of course, since I can’t take credit for it I always reply back letting them know it was all thanks to Summify! It’s like a little busy bee worker for me that I get to delegate tasks too.

And while I haven’t crunched any numbers, the true ROI for me comes because I get to promote others and re-engage with them. My goal is to continue to make this a part of my social media engagement strategy and as things go forward I’m hoping to personalize this process even more by commenting directly on the post that gets Summifyed.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter picks:

@ThereseCator – helping people turn their passion into a movement
@CharlieGrosso – Fire starter. Rule Breaker. Photographer. World Traveler.
@KeshaBruce – Artist, Gallery Director, Storyteller, Over-Priced Shoe buyer
@PapernStitch – I promote artists & makers of all things handmade for a living
@WhenIGroUpCoach – Creative career coach/actress/singer/old soul/Jew with a WASPy name
@JessicagSwift – My work & my brand are all about color and happiness. I’m an obsessive print designer
@MelanieDuncan7 – A serial entrepreneuress teaching women how to create successful online businesses
@Leaderswest – I introduce great companies to great customers
@scoutiegirlblog – Connect, converse, and commune with other extraordinary creative women & men
@Cravecompany – CRAVE innovatively connects urban gals to the sassiest, gutsiest, most inspiring people they need to know in town

Have any questions for Jessica or want to hear more? Check out her blog, page, or follow @JessicaLNewell on Twitter.

Let us know what you think of our Spotlight! If you’d like to be considered for future Summify Spotlight posts you can email us at

New Options For Sharing: Limiting Mentions and Customizing Auto-Publish Messages

Everyone has their own way they like to do things and that doesn’t stop when it comes to the social web. Summifyers of all sorts fancy the ability to automatically publish their new summaries to Twitter or Facebook, making sharing easier than ever, but this feature isn’t quite right for everyone. In an effort to accommodate the differing preferences of Summifyers, we’ve adjusted how we use mentions and given you the ability to customize auto-publish messages, improving the Summify experience for everyone.

Twitter Mentions are now limited

You may have noticed Twitter messages promoting a user’s summary and thanking those who have contributed to it:

“Summify iPhone Update 1.1” and other stories in my summary (via @mirceapasoi and @cgst)

These mentions are enjoyed by most Summifyers, but every now and again we get a request to stop someone’s mentions, and that’s fair enough, because if you have a large following you’re bound to see a few of these shout-outs. To find a balance, we’ve now limited mentions to once-a-day per user. Note – we cannot stop anyone from manually mentioning your name when they share on twitter.

If you still find yourself feeling that once a day is too much, simply log in to the Twitter account for which you’d like your mentions stopped and tweet “@SummaryMentions stop mentions”.

Customizing auto-publish messages

At the bottom of the Notifications area you’ll now see a text box which previews your auto-publish messages. As you adjust your settings, you will notice the message changing to reflect them. Click the refresh button in the top right hand corner of the text box to cycle through some sample messages.

You have two options here:

1. Use one of Summify’s stock messages and choose to mention people or not:

Unchecked box (default) – auto-publish messages may mention the names of your summary’s contributors

Checked box – auto-publish messages will not mention any names besides @summify

2. Customize your message by clicking the box that says “Let me choose my own message” and filling in the text box. Once you’ve entered some text, click outside of the box to see a preview of your message.

Stories are meant to be shared. Play around with the new options and find a setup that works best for your sharing style. If you find a favorite way to share your summaries using the new settings let us know – we’d love to hear about it. Summify is for you after all, so don’t be shy to share your experiences, ideas, questions, problems or praise. Drop us a line anytime!


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